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In January 2001, Taj Television was built in Dubai Media City. The organization sent the Ten Sports channel on April 1, 2002 to India and Pakistan. Then, in November 2006, Zee received Taj Television as an assistant.
Ten Sports (2002-2016)
Zee Networks also changed its sports channel called Zee Sports Ten Action in 2010, which included sports experience and non-cricket content. In 2011 Zee sent another channel called Ten Cricket, only for cricket. In March 2016 Ten Action was renamed Ten 2 and Ten Cricket was renamed Ten 3.
In September 2016, Sony Pictures Networks India introduced All Sports Channels from Zee Network. Understanding was granted in September 2016 and security was required to have two phases. As a result of the main acquisition period, Sony has gained control of the Indian Sports Channels that once owned the Zee Network. With the completion of the second phase, the Sony have reached the Zee sports stations outside of India. On July 18, 2017, the channels were re-installed under the Sony umbrella and the “Sony” brand was connected as a starting point for sports channels, in addition via HD simulcast transmissions.

Current Channels

Channel Language SD / HD Availability
Sony Ten 1 English SD + HD
Sony Ten 2 English (Malayalam and Bengali Live comment)
Sony Ten 3 Hindi
Sony Ten 4 Tamil, Telugu
Delivery time
2002 Sony Ten 1
2005 Sony Ten 2
2010 Sony Ten 3
2021 Sony Ten 4

Sony Ten 1

It covers times from the World Athletics Championships, Asia Games, Commonwealth Games and Sukma Games. Its similar planning program consists of live tennis installation, junctions, horse racing, marine times and volleyball. WWE Raw (next to the 30-minute preview) and WWE SmackDown are currently being broadcast live weekly, alongside NXT, Main Event, WWE Sunday Dhamaal and (for the most part) scheduled compensation at each sight. [1]

Sony Ten 2

It links to football matches from European football leagues and major MMA developments in the world.
In addition, football experts are fast and professional on their channel around the world donating their experiences to upcoming live matches, reports football on the channel in its Football Extra program. [2]

Sony Ten 3

It plays cricket matches in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Australia. Often something related to the Games is broadcast in Hindi. [3] It also transmits football matches. [4] [5]

Sony Ten 4

Posted on June 1, 2021 to communicate with Cricket, Association football, WWE and the Olympics in Tamil and Telugu languages.
Previous Channels

Sony Ten Golf

Nothing but HD, golf-driven channel posted on October 7, 2015. It had communications rights for the European Tour, Asia Tour, Ryder Cup, LPGA Tour, Royal Trophy, US PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship, Professional Golf Tour of India, and Ladies European Tour. [6] The station closed on 31 December 2018.
Editing Rights
2020 Summer Olympics [7]
FIFA World Cup (just community teams, final competition over UEFA qualifiers)
Community groups
UEFA Euro (qualifiers and finals)
UEFA Nations League
Home games
Champions League (men’s team as it was)
Europa League
A large cup
Copa America [8]
The cup
Local shield
Serie A

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